Benevento Lampshade Co.

Vintage Collection



"Redhead" SOLD

Quiet elegance in a parlor lamp of earthy hues of mahogany and bronze. At center, embroidered

silk panels with double silk linings. Front and back are identical, making this a perfect lamp to place

in the center of a room. Silk dupioni at the sides. Hand-dyed long, thick, hairlike auburn fringe. Entirely

handsewn and the only one of its kind.




"Rose" (below)

Renaissance gold-hued Italian silk jacquard, and moss rose velvet. Custom-dyed, long, thick fringe

rises and falls gracefully in shades of old gold tipped with graduated tones of rose to match the soft

velvet. Design is a replica of an heirloom, completely handstitched and the only one like her.



"La Donna" (below)  SOLD

The lady is dressed for the evening in elegant gold and black embroidered fleurettes over a lining of

flesh-toned silk. On her shoulders, cocoa dupioni silk that catches the candlelight with warm, gold

tones. Soft burgundy-rose trim. Long, custom-dyed, flowing fringe in shimmery antique gold, tipped with

graduated matching burgundy. All-silk smooth lining. 100% lovingly handstitched and one-of-a-kind.



"Ruby" (below)

Rich, ruby red silk chenille with criss-cross design. Matching solid red velvet. (On this shade the

heavy matching trim was attached by means other than stitching.) Unusual, large oval shape. Thick,

custom-dyed, long, flowing ruby red fringe. She's handstitched and as always, unique.




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