Benevento Lampshade Co.

Venetian Collection



"Kismet" SOLD

Dome of Italian silk jacquard changes old gold to burgundy as you move. Earthy bronze silk

dupioni sides. Lit, the top glows lava red as the sides become melted caramel. Antique-gold

hued tassels at 8 points with hand-dyed fringe to match. Entirely handstitched and unique.





"Cassandra" (below) SOLD

Italian silk jacquard of Renaissance gold, and cranberry silk dupioni with a hint of moss.

Amber-hued European crystal teardrops at the top. Hand-dyed, thick cranberry fringe.

Completely handstitched in the old tradition, and one-of-a-kind.























"Antonio" (below)

Aristocratic pale yellow Italian silk taffeta with a large, platinum medallion embroidered

in Italy. The medallion appears on both the front and the back. Luxuriously draped with

thick, aubergine velvet caught with matching tassels. Entirely handsewn and one-of-a-kind.
























"Tomasso" (below)

Tipsy fields of chartreuse silk dupioni and aubergine velvet. Hand-dyed, long, matching fringe

alternates colors counterpoint to hues above. Obviously, Tomasso already has been to Carnevale!

Lovingly handsewn and, of course, one-of-a-kind. SOLD































"Marco" (below)

Silk dupioni panels the color of a golden summertime Benevento sun, side-by-side with Mediterranean blue. Instead of fringe, Marco wears vintage, woven trim with time-faded yellow silk tassels and playful European amber-hued crystal teardrops. As always, entirely handstitched and unique in every way.






























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